Fitzroy Method: Mastering the Esssentials Training

The Introductory Course lets you in on the secrets that have consistently made Fitzroy Community School one of Australia’s top ranking primary schools. It is a map that will give you not just specific details on how to best use our celebrated educational materials, but also provide you with the fundamental principles behind everything we do. 

The Fitzroy Method is used by thousands of Australian schools, home-schoolers and education-savvy parents. It has had huge success, not just in Australia, but in many countries around world, including Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Korea and Thailand.

This online course replicates the live program Jeremy O'Carroll teaches around the world. It has been carefully crafted to ensure that no matter what your teaching environment, you will always know how to use the Fitzroy educational materials to achieve literacy excellence.

Areas covered:

  • Phonics: From the basics to the tricks and traps – including the things you may not know but need to.
  • System and Structure: Why many literacy programmes can’t succeed. How to create a course that guarantees reading and writing success.
  • First Letters: How to build letter reading and writing confidence and achieve long-term memory retention.
  • Word Formation: Moving from letters to words. How to use games to accelerate reading and writing skills.
  • Phonics in the Classroom: The dos and don’ts of teaching kids phonics. Why phonics classes require phonics teaching methods.
  • The Fitzroy Method: Specific tips for getting the most out of our literacy range, with emphasis on the first 40 Readers.
  • The Psychology of a Classroom: Why some students can struggle – no matter what system you use – and what to do about it.
  • Evaluating Students: Tips for finding and correcting learning difficulties.

The videos in this course will be available for you to watch in your own time, at your own pace, for a guaranteed minimum of two years. All videos can be watched as many times as you please (to better master all of the content).

Upon enrolling in the course, you will immediately be sent login details and a password. So you can watch all training materials right away.

Online Training Certificates

Upon completion of your training, we will happily issue you a digital certificate on request.

Course presenter: Jeremy O'Carroll has been the Fitzroy Method Director of Training for the past 10 years and has trained teachers and parents in many countries around the world, including Australia, Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, India, Malaysia and Thailand. He is the author of the Fitzroy Readers 11X-20X, The Fitzroy Method Teacher’s Guide and Full Speed – a novel about having the courage to live your dreams. He has also lectured and tutored at the University of Melbourne.

Praises for the Fitzroy Method Introductory Course Live Workshop:

"A great day – intense but greatly informative. Gives a sense of ‘Yes – I can do this and do it well for my students.'"
R. H. (teacher),
Kuyper Christian School,
NSW, Australia

“As a parent (not trained teacher) I found the course informative and pitched at a comfortable level. Workbook in association with power points and Jeremy’s overview worked well together. I know there will be many parents who will be disappointed they missed out on this great opportunity.

“Thanks so much. We are already using the Fitzroy Readers at home (my daughter started school this year) and this has further clarified this wonderful program.”

Lexie Williams, parent.

30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Try this online course and if you don't believe it has helped you get more out of the Fitzroy Method, simply write to [email protected] and we will issue a full refund, no questions asked.



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Fitzroy Method: Mastering the Essentials Training

Learn everything you need to get the most out of the Fitzroy Method.    

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